Artha Gallery  started 3 years ago in Bangkok located  near the French Embassy . Since the begining of 2016 Artha gallery  moved to France to promote the contemporary art from South of Asia in Europe . 

Showcasing the effervescent art scene of South East Asia, Pascal & Laurent will take you on a tour around Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia in a couple of minutes.

Artha Gallery is where asian traditions and its ancestral culture meet the modernity brought by a young generation of artists. The creativity and the freshness of the latter will leave you speechless in front of gigantic paintings. From sculpture to electrical constructions and of course painting, one can only be impressed by the artistic development of the region with a subtile mix between an overwhelming culture and a fearless desire of modernity often tainted by its excesses.

As Siddartha, the first buddha, said "Art is what makes life more interesting than art". Or did he?